Thursday, July 19

Green Iced Tea diet - is it so helpful?

Green Tea Tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world after water. Green Tea, in particular. If you need to grab a drink when you're out, Green Ice Tea of any brand is the most convenient option. But there are some problem.

There's good evidence that Green Tea can be good for your health, but a bottle of iced tea is just another soft drink. Iced tea isn’t as healthy as it’s sometimes cracked up to be. First of all, ready-made Green Tea contains much lower levels of flavonoids than freshly brewed tea because it’s made from Green Tea extract, not from fresh brewed Green Tea. For example Lipton Ice Tea Green (made from Green Tea extract) contains 170mg of flavonoids per 500ml bottle and you'd get about 700mg of flavonoids from the same quantity of freshly brewed Green Tea. So you can’t get the same health benefits from iced tea diet as from a traditional cuppa.

f126318 The second problem is the plenty of sugar most brands do contain. All the brands of bottled Green Tea are heavily sweetened with either sugar or artificial sweeteners. It ranges from 7 to 11 or even more teaspoons of sugar per 500ml bottle. It’s not useful for your teeth and specially for your weight. If that's not enough some brands offer a diet Green Tea version sweetened with aspartame and ace-k. So you don’t enjoy pure Green Tea because of enjoying the very subtle flavor.But Green Tea is very good without sweetener of any kind and if you get real good tea (imported from China or Japan) you don't need to put anything else in it to make it taste better.


donna said...

what about after it's been brewed and cooled and spent a few days hanging out in the fridge? does this make any difference in antioxidant levels?

bodrie said...

Green tea will start to loose some of the potency of the antioxidants as it sits around. That one reason why bottled teas just aren't as antioxidant heavy as fresh brewed.


Tom Bollum said...

If Lipton would produce JUST GREEN TEA...they'd corner the market here in the U.S. All their products have some kind of sugar in it. SUGAR???? In green tea???? That's sacrilegious!!!!

After having lived in Japan for 20 years, I was happy to find my favorite green tea - Oi Ocha. It comes in regular and dark. I love both! I drank it all the time in Japan, but it's just too expensive here in the U.S. I do buy it, but if Lipton could produce a product like it, they'd sell a ton! Ito En claims that their tea is "unique", but plenty of other Japanese companies sell "ryokucha" (cold, green tea).